Versapak are awarded The Planet Mark and Cool Earth certificates in sustainability

Versapak are awarded The Planet Mark and Cool Earth certificates in sustainability

Versapak are delighted to be awarded The Planet Mark certificate and an acre of Rainforest certificate that recognises our aim to measure, monitor and reduce our carbon footprint.

We are committed to managing the impacts our actions have on the environment and so we have designed the Versapak sustainability strategy (something only 25% of organisations do!) that identifies, monitors and encourages sustainability improvements, focusing on how we implement these initiatives and encouraging and offering support to our customers, suppliers and internally. In doing so, Versapak acquires one acre of Rainforest in partnership with Cool Earth, to help indigenous villages and halt their destruction.


The Planet Mark Certificate     
Cool Earth certificate


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Our Vision is to "Consider everything we do in business protects our world and ensures a future for us all!” This includes our pioneering developments in reusable products, a return and recycle programme for used plastic and most recently, a range of single-use Security Seals made entirely from recycled plastic that would have been otherwise destined for landfill.


More about our Client Sustainable Initiatives

Versapak solutions are reusable up to 2,000 times. A single Versapak mailing wallet is the equivalent to roughly 20kg of single-use plastic envelopes, so we consciously manufacture our Versapaks to ensure that our solutions last for years. Our products are made with strong, weather resistant material giving our customers the best quality possible, to last the duration. In 2017 we implemented a ‘Return Your Seals’ scheme to our customers, a campaign which is becoming increasingly popular. Whilst our products may be reused up to 2,000 times, our single-use seals are exactly that, single-use, so we knew it was imperative to find a solution to avoid the used, wasted plastic going straight to landfill. The scheme enables our customers to return used seals to us free of charge so that they can be recycled and the plastic can be reused. We pride ourselves on the fact that we are striving ahead with recycling methods, with many customers already on board including the likes of John Lewis, Royal Bank of Scotland and the Royal Collections & Households.

Recycle Your Seals Scheme

Whilst recycling single-use is a great solution to an extremely topical issue, we wanted to take removing plastic wastage a step further which is why we are so proud to say that our single-use security seals are now made entirely from recycled plastic – a first for Tamper Evident Security Seals.

Recycled T2 Security Seals of all types

We are satisfied that when making business decisions with our clients and suppliers, we ensure they are in line with reducing our carbon footprint, although we think that this alone is not enough. We are also putting great focus on looking internally to achieve sustainability on a day-to-day basis. To achieve this, we must first educate ourselves on how this is possible. We have regular meetings as an organisation to agree measures we can put in place and how we will measure our success. We have taken a number of actions to date, including replacing lighting with energy efficient LED bulbs, a ‘switch off’ policy for lights, and reminders to employees to conserve usage of heating, hot water and appliances. We also encourage less landfill waste for example the use of food waste and recycle bins.

We are committed to making reductions in the consumption of natural resources with suppliers or internally and the encouragement of sustainable measures, such as recycling and conservation best practices, through our reusable propositions to customers and stakeholders. If you’d like more information or to contact a member of our sales team about our sustainable initiatives, please contact us.